Thursday, Sept 10

0824 hours - During a traffic stop the passenger, Justin Quillen, was found to have a warrant of Montgomery County. Quillen was transported to Montgomery County Jail where he was incarcerated.

1624 hours - Theft reported in the 100 block of N. Second Street. RP said son’s yellow Mongoose BMX bike had been taken from the front yard. No leads or suspects.


Saturday, Sept 12

0359 hours - Officer was dispatched to assist the squad at the Speedway, 1000 W. Main St. Pulling in behind the vehicle a female was passed out in the driver’s seat with keys still in the ignition. Knocking on the window brought no response, but banging did wake her up. Told to open the door, it took a few minutes for her to figure out how. The driver was identified as Lesaundra Chereces Palmer and had an odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from her person. Palmer was asked and agreed to a series of standardized field sobriety tests. Unable to complete the tests as instructed, Palmer was transported to the TCPD. Palmer refused the breath test, refused to sign the citation and BMV Form 2255. Palmer was cited for OVI and because she refused to have somebody pick her up; she was incarcerated at the Miami County Jail.


2300 hours - Traffic stop in the area of South County Road 25A and Tipp Cowlesville Road. Officer observed the vehicle drift over to the right and hit the while line several times. Waiting for a safe place to initiate s stop, officer finally stopped the vehicle on County Road 25A near Trader Court. Contact was made with the driver, John Franklin Kimble, and an odor of an alcoholic beverage was detected. Admitting to consuming a few beers, Kimble agreed to the standardized field sobriety tests. Unable to complete the tests as instructed he was transported back to the PD. Refusing the breath test, Kimble was cited with OVI and Marked Lanes.


Sunday, Sept 13

0226 hours - Disorderly conduct reported in the area of W. Walnut and N. Third Street. RP advised that a male had assaulted her boyfriend and left the scene in a white car. An officer observed a vehicle matching that description and approached the occupants. At first the driver, Martinez Sanchez, said nothing happened. Sanchez said he was trying to get his friend back in the car. He further stated that his friend had been at his house, got upset and left on foot. He saw a male and female outside and stopped to ask if they had seen his friend walking. At this time he said the male used explicit language and asked “are you even legal”. Sanchez said he got out of his car and punched the male, Andrew Kerg in the face. Sanchez was calm, cooperative and did not appear to be intoxicated. He was told that he cannot strike people even though Kerg had yelled racial slurs at him. Sanchez said he understood and mentioned apologizing to Kerg. He also wanted to tell Kerg that he is a legal citizen. Due to the level of intoxication of Kerg, Sanchez was not allowed to have contact with him. Sanchez was charged with disorderly conduct and released from the scene.

Another officer spoke with Kerg who appeared to be intoxicated. He was asked numerous times to quiet down and continued to interrupt his girlfriend and the officer. Kerg was also cited for disorderly conduct.


Monday, Sept 14

1327 hours - Animal complaint in the 300 block of North Fourth St. This was the second call to this address in one day. A dog was breaking through a fence and entered the yard of a neighbor. Dog was agitated and difficult to restrain by the officers. Miami County Shelter arrived on the scene was able to contain the dog. Miami County Animal Shelter will be handling the charges against dog’s owner.


1845 hours - Report of shots fired in the 700 block of Larch Street. A male had fired a BB gun in the direction of the woods to scare off a cat. He was informed and stated he understood that the BB gun could not fire it in the city limits.


Tuesday, Sept 15

2302 - Traffic stop in the Floral Acres and S. County Road 25A area. The license plates did not match the vehicle they were displayed on. When officer approached the vehicle an odor of marijuana was detected coming from inside. The driver, Colton Barlow said the vehicle was a relative’s and a friend had smoked marijuana. Barlow agreed to and passed the standardized field sobriety tests. In searching the vehicle two glass pipes, a grinder and marijuana in a clear bag were found. The vehicle was impounded and a family member responded to pick up Barlow. Colton Barlow was cited for Fictitious Plates, Drug Possession and Drug Paraphernalia.


Wednesday, Sept 16

1001 hours - Disturbance reported in the 40’s block of Tippecanoe Drive. RP advised that Del Gambrel was at a neighbor’s home and RP knew there was an active protection order against him. Gambrel was observed walking away from the residence; he was placed under arrest for violating the protection order and trespassing.


Thursday, Sept 17

0405 hours - Domestic Violence reported in the 300 block of N. Second Street. Officers dispatched on a suspicious priority call. Frankie Villalobos had returned home and was attempting to enter the residence.

Upon arrival of two officers Villalobos had kicked in the back door and entered home. Villalobos pushed his wife and then began pushing furniture around. Villalobos also had possession of a shot gun. Ordered to come out of the bedroom and show his hands, Villalobos was placed in a prone position on the floor where he was secured in handcuffs. Witness statements were taken and the police report revealed Villalobos had intended to harm the resident and burn the house down. Villalobos was arrested for domestic violence, transported to the Miami County Jail where he was incarcerated.