Bethel Township

Wednesday, April 12

00:31 a.m. – Traffic stop for equipment violation in the area of US Route 40 and Palmer Road.  As deputy approached the vehicle the odor of raw marijuana was detected coming from the vehicle.  Contact was with the driver, identified as Michael Childre, and reason the stop explained.  When asked for his driver’s license, Childre stated he didn’t have a valid one.  Deputy then spoke to a female passenger, Tiffany McCarel, and she was advised of the marijuana odor the deputy detected.  When asked if there was anything illegal in the vehicle, McCarel paused and then stated there was a bag of marijuana between the passenger seat and center console along with a pipe in the passenger door.  A probable cause search of the vehicle found a clear plastic bag containing marijuana and a silver smoking pipe. McCarel claimed ownership of both and was cited for possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia.  She possessed a valid driver’s license and was released from the scene. 

Childre had an active warranty out of Miami County for non-support.  He was placed in handcuffs, transported to the Miami County Incarceration Facility where he was incarcerated.  Childre was also charged with Failure to Reinstate License and License Plate Light Required. 

8:44 p.m. – Traffic stop for marked lane violations in the area of US Route 40 and Palmer Road.  Contact was made with the driver, Joshua Stallard, and a strong odor of raw marijuana was detected coming from the inside of the vehicle.  Stallard was cooperative and advised the deputy there was a small amount of marijuana and a smoking pipe in the middle console.  While searching the vehicle a baggy of marijuana and two smoking pipes were located.  Stallard was cited for possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia. 

Thursday, April 13

10:07 a.m. – Neighbor complaint in the 5500 block of Ross Road.  RP wished to pursue harassment charges on a male and female.  RP stated they had bothered him six times in the last few days regarding a property line easement.  RP was angry the male had contacted the county engineer, township trustees and township zoning regarding his proposed fence and a brick monument he is having constructed.  The engineer’s surveyor inspected the site and told the RP he would need to demolish the brick structure and reapply for permits.  RP stated he plans to be defiant to the engineer’s orders. The deputy told the RP there would be no trespassing or disorderly charges filed in reference to this current complaint.  RP was informed a report would be generated for documentation.  Deputy would instruct the male and female to keep off the RP’s property and handle the incident through the country engineers office and township trustees.  The RP refused to cooperate and provide his personal identification or information for the report.  Deputy spoke to the male and female and warned them to keep off the RP’s property and to keep their distance.  The male said they would do so because they are frightened of the RP.  A recent incident prompted the male and female to call 911 on the RP.  The male inquired about a civil protection order due to the RP’s hostile behavior from this earlier encounter. 

The RP had requested the deputy’s supervisor call him and on April 15 the officer in charged contacted him.  The RP was upset because he had been served a CPO on this day and felt it was unfair. RP stated the male and female are the ones harassing him.  The OIC explained that he no control over the CPO and claims that were made to the courts.  It was further explained that the situation with the fence and any property disputes are all a civil matter.  The OIC wanted to file a separate report for the RP but he continued to refuse to provide his personal information. 

Saturday, April 15

2:20 a.m. – Report of an underage party in the 2900 block of Rudy Road.  Upon the deputies’ arrival they were met by a resident in the driveway.  He advised he told everyone to stay inside and to cooperate admitting there was underage drinking going on inside the residence.  Deputies found everyone in the kitchen area.  Everyone was identified, juveniles called their parents who responded and picked them up.  Everyone else that was 18 or older were advised not to leave the residence the rest of the evening.  The remaining alcohol was disposed of. 

11:40 p.m. – Assist squad in the 9600 block of Palmer Road.  A caller stated there was a male passed out in the driver’s seat, had a syringe sticking out of his arm and was unconscious.  Upon arrival to the scene the deputy located the male inside of a Bethel Medic.  He was identified a s Lucas A. Horn and it was discovered he had two warrants out of Montgomery County.  While the deputy was speaking with Horn, he admitted to using two capsules of Heroin.  Horn stated he didn’t know where he was going or where he had come from.  He was administered two doses of Narcan by the EMS and was transported to an emergency room for evaluation.  Deputy followed the medic to the ER and read the state required BMV 2255 resulting in Horn agreeing to provide a blood sample.  Once Horn was mirandized, the deputy continued to question him.  Horn stated he thought the capsules might have contained Fentanyl mixed with heroin and shot up while driving his vehicle.  After being discharged from the ER, he was transported to the Miami County Jail where he was incarcerated and charged with drug abuse, OVI, DUS and drug paraphernalia. 

Wednesday, April 19

4:33 p.m. – Welfare check in the 9200 block of Bellefontaine Road.  The RP relayed to dispatch that their elderly neighbor was out in the roadway and she has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.  When deputy arrive, the elderly female was found sitting on the porch at the neighbor’s residence.  She was escorted back to her residence and contact was made with her husband who was at work.  He was able to return home and was advised that somebody needed to be with her at all times, given her medical diagnosis.  Because this was the second time in one week responding to the residence, the husband was informed the deputy would be contacting Adult Protective Services. The husband said he understood and would appreciate any help that they could give. 

Monroe Township

Friday, April 14

8:56 a.m. – Traffic stop for marked lanes violation on southbound I75 at mile marker 69.  Contact was made with the driver, Harold Galloway, and he was asked for his driver’s license and registration.  Galloway said he was not in possession of either one.  He stated he has just purchased the vehicle a couple weeks ago from a private seller.  Deputy asked if he had any documentation that showed proof of the purchase, Galloway stated “no”.  At the conclusion of the stop, Galloway was cited for the marked lanes violation and fictitious plates.  He was advised to bring all of his paper work that shows proof of purchase to his court date. 

4:19 p.m. – Welfare check in the 3100 block of Honeysuckle Drive.  Male called 911 and wasn’t making a lot of sense.  Deputy spoke with the male who declined being transported to a hospital for evaluation.  The male thanked the deputy for talking to him and then hung up. 

Saturday, April 15

1:40 a.m. – Traffic stop in the area of Main and Kiser Drive.  Deputy was on routine patrol in the area of St Route 202 and Tipp Elizabeth Road and could hear someone operating a vehicle in a reckless manner coming from Tipp Elizabeth Road.  While the deputy was heading in that direction to investigate the sounds of tires squealing, he observed a large amount of smoke, dust and tire marks on the road.  A large pickup truck was observed leaving that area at a high rate of speed.  The truck was stopped and the operator, identified Thomas Barnhart, was transported to the Miami County Sheriff Office where he was charged.

8:58 a.m. – Traffic stop for severely cracked windshield on southbound I75 at mile marker 65.  Contact was made with the driver, Matthew Stringfield and a female passenger.  Neither one had a valid license.  Stringfield was cited for driving under suspension and given a warning for the cracked windshield since he was not the registered owner.  Stringfield called for a valid driver to pick them and the vehicle up. 

Wednesday, April 19

10:17 a.m. -   Junk car complaint in the 800 block of Michaels Road.  A Monroe Township Trustee requested a deputy check on a vehicle parked on the roadway with expired license plates.  Upon the deputy’s arrival, the vehicle was located parked on Bradley Drive, north of Michaels Road.  A citation and a 48 hour abandoned vehicle were affixed to the vehicle.