Wednesday, February 15

2:45 a.m. – Traffic stop in the 1000 block of W. Main Street.  Officer was dispatched on the report that a white SUV was all over the roadway and was heading northbound on I75.  An update from dispatch stated the vehicle had exited I75 northbound at the 68 and was possibly headed west bound on St Route 571.  While searching the area the officer noticed a white SUV parked at the Speedway Gas Station.  Officer approached on the driver’s side of the vehicle to find the driver passed out at the wheel with the engine running.  It took several hard knocks on the window to wake the driver up.  The driver, Antoine Davis, had a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage emitting from the vehicle.  Admitting to drinking this night, he stated “I’ve had just about my portion”.  Davis was asked to exit the vehicle and submit to a series of field sobriety tests.  Unable to perform them as instructed, Davis was placed under arrest for OVI-physical control.  Because the vehicle would be towed, a mandatory inventory of the vehicle was completed.  Found was a glass pipe with burnt marijuana residue and an open bottle of Remy Martin.  Davis was transported to the PD where he was asked to provide a breath sample which he refused.  Davis was charged physical control and due to the refusal of the breath test was subsequently charged with OVI.  A search through LEADS found that his driver’s license was under suspension for failure to reinstate.  He was also charged with driving under suspension, open container and possession of marijuana paraphernalia. 

Thursday, February 17

10:29 p.m. – Unruly juvenile reported in the 20’s block of Pueblo Court.  RP flagged officer down and advised that his step-daughter had run away again.  Officer was familiar with the female juvenile as she had run away to Kentucky with an older male in January.  Mom told the officer that they had been in the garage and when they went back into the house they found her daughter’s bedroom door locked.  When they got the door opened they found her window open.  While speaking with the parents, the juvenile returned home with her sister.  She stated she had met a guy in the park and they had smoked “weed”.  The female juvenile was cited with Unruly Juvenile and released to her parents. 

Saturday, February 18

7:30 p.m. – Disorderly conduct reported in the area of E. Plum and N. Third Street.  Officer observed a person stumbling in the middle of the roadway, fall down, get up and sit on a nearby concrete wall.  Officer exited the cruiser and made contact with the male, identified as Mark Watkins.  He informed the officer that he was leaving work at a nearby bar and was headed home.  Watkins was asked how much he had to drink and he stated “a few”.  Officer called the bar and they had no record of Watkins as an employee.  He was cited for disorderly conduct and transported to his residence. 

11:16 p.m. – Drug offense in the 900 block of W. Main Street.  Officer responded to a traffic crash on W. Main Street.  During the course of the investigation it was discovered that a female occupant in one of the vehicles had gathered her items and fled on foot almost immediately after the collision.  An officer began searching the area to find the female.  Officer contact the TCPD canine handler who responded with K9 Bob to track the female.  Officers established a perimeter around where it was believed she might be located.  A person involved in the crash called 911 and informed them the subject was behind Cassano’s.  The female was reported to be on her phone pleading with the other party to pick her up because “they are looking for me”.  Officer found a woman attempting to get into a vehicle and the witnesses on scene were pointing the officer in her direction.  Officer made contact with the female and told her to turn around and put her hands behind her back.  The female began to yell at the officer and witnesses. She was again instructed to face towards another vehicle and put her hands behind her back.  The female continued to pull her hands apart and argue with the officers.  She was instructed to stop resisting the officer’s orders.  When asked why she fled the accident, Christy Cole admitted he had a felony warrant out of Miami County.  Officer spoke with the driver of the vehicle Cole was attempting to enter.  The driver disavowed all knowledge that she was attempting to get Cole for the purpose of eluding capture.  Instead the driver stated that Cole had a kidney stone and needed to go to the hospital.  Cole did not mention the possibility of a kidney stone nor needing to seek medical treatment. A free air sniff was performed by K9 Bob with an alert to the vehicle.  A subsequent search yielded a bag of unused syringes, one used syringe and a small metal pipe (commonly known as a “one-hitter”).  All were located in bags that multiple witnesses saw Cole carrying.  Additionally, two white unmarked pills were discovered in Cole’s pocket.  The driver of the vehicle was released but informed that the prosecutor’s office would review this case to decide if obstructions of justice charges would be filed against her.  Cole was transported to the Miami County Jail for the felony warrant and incarcerated.  She also had charges of obstruction of official business, possession of drug abuse instruments and possession of drug paraphernalia.  The used syringe and pills will be sent to the Miami Valley Crime Regional Lab for analysis. 

11:42 p.m. – Assist squad for possible overdose at Holiday Inn Express, 1100 W. Main Street. Upon arrival officer observed a white female laying on the floor between two queen beds.  The female was turning blue and purple and was barely breathing.  Two witnesses were present in the room and one stated that she had walked out of the bathroom and collapsed.  Officer asked if the female had used any drugs and the witness stated she had been clean for a few years from heroin use.  Officer had Narcan with him and gave her a dose in each nostril.  CPR was administered and another officer arrived on scene and administered another dose of Narcan.  The first responder arrived on scene and administered a sternum rub which caused the female to sit up.  When awake she told the officers she didn’t know what happened.  When told she was blue and purple, barely breathing she admitted she had recently used Heroin.  She further admitted that she had snorted the heroin and flushed the capsule down the toilet.  Medics transported the female to an area hospital for treatment.  The Holiday Inn staff told the two witnesses to leave the property and not to return. 

Monday, February 20

10:17 a.m. – Theft not in progress in the 700 block of Cheyenne Place.  RP advised an older white male took his scooter and four rubber mats covering it from his driveway without his permission.  A neighbor saw this male walk up and place the scooter in a white Chevy S-10 truck.  The RP had given an older man some scrap metal a few days before but did not give him permission to take the scooter. 

Wednesday, February 22

12:33 p.m. – Traffic stop for equipment violation on I75 northbound ramp at mile marker 69.  As officer approached the vehicle he noticed the driver had both hands out of the window.  When asked what he was doing he stated “I have a gun on the seat and I don’t want to get shot”.  He also advised he had a CCW permit.  He was instructed to leave the gun where it was and to exit the vehicle.  He was identified as Willis Gene Young and the reason for the stop was explained to him.  Young was asked if he had anything illegal in the truck, he responded with “no” and consented to a search.  Found on the seat under a jacket was a piece of foil with burn marks along with a straw.  Also located were nine full capsules of suspected Heroin in a pack of cigarettes.  When he was shown the pack of cigarettes, Young took ownership and stated “that’s Heroin and it’s mine”.  Officer asked dispatch to run the serial number of the firearm and it was found to be stolen out of Clark County.  Young was charged with Possession of Heroin (F5), Receiving Stolen Property (Firearm {F4}), Possession of Drug Paraphernalia (M2).  He was transported to the Miami County Jail where he was incarcerated. 

3:48 p.m. – Theft reported in the 1200 block of Sequoia Court.  Victim came into the PD to file a theft report.  She stated an ex-boyfriend stole from her.  She let him back into the apartment to get his clothing and she believes he also grabbed her Nintendo DS.  When she confronted him about it, he put it back on the bed but stole the game out of it. He also took a jar that belonged to him but had change she had put in it.  The victim filled out a written statement and stated she would like to file theft charges against him.  Officer attempted to reach the male by phone but it was shut off.  After consulting with the prosecutor, it was determined that charges will not be filed.  The report sites “due to the on again/off again relationship and residence, it was determined that criminal charges in this matter are not going to be filed”.  Officer explained this to the victim and gave her the option of pursuing this civilly. 

9:29 p.m. – Counterfeit money found at CVS, 914 W. Main Street.  Officer was at CVS when the manager approached stated he had a counterfeit $20 bill.  He stated he was uncertain of the time it was received and had no suspect at this time.