Thursday, Sept 17

0809 hours - Drug offense in the 600 block of East Kessler Cowlesville Road. Vehicle was observed with a violation and when it entered the high school parking lot a stop was initiated. As the officer approached the vehicle all windows were down and a strong odor of marijuana was detected. The driver, identified as Nicholas James Begley, was placed in the rear of the patrol car and the officer could still detect a strong odor. Begley stated he didn’t have marijuana on his person or in the vehicle. A search of the vehicle was made and located in the back pocket of the passenger seat was a used tan pipe that smelled of burnt marijuana. In the back seat of the driver’s seat a scale was also located. Begley denied ownership or knowing the items were in his car. The other three occupants were checked and released to the principal. Begley, age 18, was charged with Drug Paraphernalia and also released to the principal.


Friday, Sept 18

1406 hours - Theft report at Tip Top Canning Company, 214 S. First Street. Victim reported a cell phone was stolen off a tow motor while on break.

1927 hours - Civil dispute in the 200 block of North Fourth Street. This dispute involved a 4 year old child and a female not happy that a male had taken her out of state. Male stated the female was aware of the trip and would be heading home soon. Female was advised to call 911 if the male arrived at the house intoxicated.


Sunday, Sept 20

1001 hours - Drug offense in the 1000 block of West Main Street. Officer observed a vehicle and in running a check on the registration it was found the RO was currently under an ALS suspension. Confirming the driver matched the physical description, a traffic stop was initiated. The male was identified as Christopher S. Burke, the registered owner. Having a passenger in the vehicle, she was asked for identification to possibly release the vehicle to her. Only able to provide an Ohio Identification card, Shannon N. Bailey did not have a valid license. Burke stated they had spent the night at a local hotel since they had been drinking the night before. The officer felt that Burke and Bailey appeared nervous while speaking with him. Asked and receiving consent to search Bailey was asked to exit the vehicle. Grabbing her purse Bailey stated she only had personal items in the purse. Nothing was discovered in the vehicle but a glass crack pipe was found in Bailey’s purse. Bailey admitted that she and Burke had smoked crack while staying at the local hotel. Burke was issued a citation for Driving Under Suspension. Bailey was issued a Misdemeanor Citation for Possession of Drug Abuse Instruments.


Monday, Sept 21

1804 hours - Disorderly reported in the 800 block of Westedge Drive. Tina Bellamy was charged with Disorderly and warned for trespassing.

2257 hours - Follow up report to a drug offense at Taco Bell, 985 W. Main Street on Aug 25. Background: Officer responded to an alarm at Taco Bell. He met with Bradley Michael Leis, an employee, who stated he had just left the building. It appeared that Leis might have marijuana on the floor board of his vehicle.   He was asked and said no that he didn’t have anything illegal in the car or on his person. Officer told Leis that it appears he has marijuana on the floor, Leis replied “no it is spice”. Leis further stated it probably fell out when he was putting it in his pipe. Giving the location of the spice and pipe, he was told that the spice would be sent to a lab. He would not be charged with anything pending the lab results. On Monday, Sept 21 the lab results were received. The testing indicated the substances tested as AB-CHINACA (Schedule 1) and having a weight of 1.92 grams. It also contained XLR11 (Fluoro-UR-144 also a Schedule 1). Leiss will be charged with a Felony of the Fifth Degree.


Tuesday, Sept 22

1209 hours - Fraud reported in the 100 block of South Second Street. Victim reported an unknown person attempted to open a credit card at Meijer in her name.


Wednesday, Sept 23

1126 hours - Warrant arrest at the southbound 68 mile marker of I75. Vehicle stopped because driver was under suspension. Driver was identified as Michael Miller and admitted to not having a license. Checking the status of the female passenger, Dominique Sims, Leads showed that she had an active warrant out of Miami County. Warrant was confirmed but due to the overcrowding at the jails, Sims was issued a summons and released from the scene. Miller was issued a citation for Driving Under Suspension and Failure to Reinstate License.

1700 hours - Assist citizen in the 500 block of Bellaire Drive. An unknown person had listed the RP’s home for rent on Craig’s List. Two people had shown up at the residence in the past few days and RP fears people are being scammed out of money. The ad has since been removed and officer has attempted to call the phone number and send an email to the one listed on the ad.

1927 hours - Animal complaint in the 300 block of North Fourth Street. This is a second complaint at this residence. RP said dog is being left unsecured when in the front yard. Owner was advised to keep dog secured at all times.