Bethel Township

Sunday, January 1

2:17 a.m. – Domestic dispute in the 7500 block of S. State Route 202.  Female left the residence for the night. 

Monday, January 2

6:17 p.m. – Traffic stop in the area of S. Dayton Brandt Road and E. State Route 571.  When the vehicle first passed the deputy a male was driving and a female in the passenger seat.  The deputy turned around and was behind the vehicle.  The license plate was run through LEADS with a return that the registered owner’s license was suspended.  The vehicle turned into a driveway in the 7000 block of SR 571 and was stationary for approximately two minutes.  The driver then exited the driveway and proceeded east on SR 571.  The deputy again was behind the vehicle and the driver pulled into another driveway.  Due to the suspicious activity, a traffic stop was initiated.  Contact was made with the driver identified as Tesa Justice.  When asked for her license Justice stated she didn’t have it on her.  The front seat male passenger was identified as the registered owner.  When asked about the driveways they had pulled into, the male stated it was a buddy of his but was unable to provide a name.  He then stated he pulled into the driveway when he saw the cruiser to check his taillights.  Deputy advised him that when the vehicle passed him he saw a male in the driver’s seat.  He then admitted he wanted to switch drivers since his license was suspended.  When the deputy ran Justice’s SSN through LEADS she also was found to not have a valid driver’s license.  Justice was cited for operating a vehicle without a valid license.  The registered owner was advised to call a valid driver to drive the vehicle away from the scene.   

7:34 p.m. – Traffic stop for speeding in the area of S. State Route 202 and Tipp Elizabeth Road.  The driver, Patrick Sickmann, was driving under an OVI suspension.  He was cited for his violation and released to a licensed driver. 

Monroe Township

Monday, December 26

3:27 p.m. – Trespassing reported on bike path.  Deputy was informed that someone was possibly driving on the bike path with bobcats.  Another deputy had responded to call on Dec 25 regarding some unknown person(s) had left bobcats on a property and was cutting down trees.  While investigating the cutting down of trees, that deputy noticed mud all over the bike path.  It was deemed the mud clumps posed a safety concern due to the areas that were impassible.  Contact was made with the owner of the bobcats who stated his son was using the bobcats and was cutting down trees.  The rightful owner also stated he would make sure his son cleaned up the bike path.  Deputy told owner that another deputy would be in contact reference possibly cutting trees down on another person’s property. 

6:07 p.m. – Disturbance reported in the 200 block of Essex Drive.  Male reported that he had recently ended a relationship with a female and had an argument.  He stated he wanted his car key and garage door key back from the female and her to be trespassed from the property.  Female turned this property over to the deputy and was escorted into the residence to retrieve a few items.  Both parties agree to talk at a later date about the removal of the female’s property.  The male was provided information on how to take out a protection order. 

Friday, December 30

9:21 – Reckless operation of a vehicle near Circle K on County Road 25A.  Deputy located the vehicle I the driveway to the Circle K with the driver slumped over behind the wheel with the vehicle still in drive.  At the conclusion of this call the driver, Matthew Ault, was arrested on suspicion of operating a vehicle while intoxicated and possession of multiple prescription medications and two baggies.  In one of the bags was a brown rock substance and the other contained a white powdery/rock substance. 

Saturday, December 31

3:20 p.m. – Disturbance in the 200 block of Essex Drive.  Female was at a residence attempting to pick up personal property.  Her boyfriend had kicked her out of the house and was refusing to allow her to pick up the property.  The boyfriend was not currently at the residence but his mother was.  She was refusing to let the female in per her son’s request.  Female told deputy she had resided at this residence for approximately 12 months and her mail was delivered there.  She stated on this day the two had reached a breaking point and he had kicked her out.  Deputy contacted the boyfriend to hear his side of the story.  The boyfriend stated the female had been at the residence for close to a year but all of the bills are in his name.  Deputy advise him the female simply wanted to get some clothes.  The boyfriend was offered the opportunity to come home and stand by to make sure she only took her property.  He stated he was at a bar and was unable to drive.  Deputy stood by while the female grabbed clothing and medication that was in her name. 

Wednesday, January 4

2:12 p.m. – Fraud reported in the 6200 block of Petzoldt Drive.  An unknown person attempted to open a bank account in the RP’s name.  The RP had received a letter from Community Capital Bank in Columbus asking her to verify the account information.  RP called the bank and advised them she did not attempt to open this account.  This was documented in case the RP’s creditors needed a report.