Tuesday, December 20

8:42 p.m. – Disturbance reported in the 500 block of W. Walnut Street.  Male and female in a verbal argument only.  Male agreed to leave for the night. 

Friday, December 23

2:49 p.m. – Disturbance in the 500 block of Windridge Drive.  Male and female were having a verbal argument. 

5:07 p.m.  – Benjamin Danon was placed into custody.  For those readers that follow the TCPD Facebook page you will remember the Dec 9, 2016 “Wanted Person” post looking for Danon who willing made comments on the post.  With the assistance of Safe Streets, Dayton PD, FBI and two TCPD officers worked to locate Danon.  He was taken into custody at a location in Dayton and transported to the Miami County Jail where he was incarcerated. 

11:17 p.m.  – Traffic stop for lane and equipment violations in the area of Cayman Circle and Tipp Cowlesville Road.  Contact was made with the driver who stated he didn’t have a driver’s license and asked for leniency because it was Christmas.  He also stated he didn’t have any other form of photo identification and didn’t know his social security number.  He did provide a name and birthday which when run through LEADS showed no matches.  Running just the name Gregory Jacobs brought up a record with a mugshot.  Running this info through LEADS it was found the Jacobs was driving under a suspension and had a warrant out of Montgomery Country.  Jacobs was removed from the vehicle and placed into handcuffs.  Again, Jacobs asked for leniency and acknowledge he had an active warrant.  Officer explained if he hadn’t lied about his identity he would just be transported to Montgomery County on the warrant.  Now he would also be receiving criminal charges.  Jacobs was charged with driving under suspension, lane of travel on roadways, rear illumination and obstruction of official business.  The warrant was not confirmed since he was being incarcerated at the Miami County Jail.  The Jail was made aware of the Montgomery County Warrant. 

Saturday, December 24

3:07 a.m. – Intoxicated driver in the 100 block of W. Main Street.  Driver identified as Lora Fisher and she stated she was coming from Dayton and headed to Huber Heights but was not aware she was in Tipp City.  She also stated she was tired and had pulled over to take a nap.  The officer informed her she hadn’t pulled over, she was in the roadway and had a flat tire.  She was also unaware of the flat tire and how it happened.  She denied drinking but admitted to taking multiple prescription medications.  Fisher agreed to a series of field sobriety tests but advised she wasn’t sure she could complete them due to bad knees.  Allowing her to sit down during the horizontal gaze nystagmus test, the report noted Fisher fell asleep a couple of times.  She was then given instructions to get into starting position for the walk and turn test but couldn’t maintain her balance.  Fisher stated her legs would not allow her to do the test. Then given instructions for the one leg stand, she attempted but almost fell over.  The tests were halted and Fisher was placed under arrest for OVI.  Transported to the PD she agreed to a breath test (.007) and urine test (waiting for those results).  Located in her vehicle was a glass pipe which contained marijuana residue.  Fisher was charged with OVI and Drug Paraphernalia and ordered into court.  Due to a medication condition and unable to stay awake, Fisher was not fingerprinted.   She was released to a family member and was not placed under Administrative License Suspension (ALS). 

9:24 p.m. – Traffic stop for equipment violation in the area of S. Hyatt and W. Main Street.  Contact made with the driver, identified as Olivia Hambidge and reason for stop explained.  While speaking with her an odor of marijuana was detected coming from the vehicle.  Hambidge was removed from the vehicle and a search was made.  Located inside a diaper bag was a cigarette case that contained a small bag of marijuana.  Oliva Hambidge was charged with drug possession and cited with license plate light.  Marijuana (2.1 grams) will be sent to the Crime Lab for analysis. 

Sunday, December 25

00:41 a.m. – Disorderly reported in the 10’s block of Warner Drive.  Male and female were arguing while standing on the sidewalk.  Upon officers arrival, the male had female had separated.  The female stated they had been arguing and both became very upset but nothing physical had happened.  The male’s story was the same and added they were trying to talk through the situation.  Female was permitted to leave in her vehicle and the male decided to walk home.  The two agreed to stay separate for the evening to prevent any further arguing. 

1:16 p.m. – Assist citizen at Circle K, 3519 S. County Road 25A.  Officer responded to keep the peace while a family member returned a stolen bike to a juvenile. 

Monday, December 26

3:43 a.m. – Tipp City Officers assisted in a pursuit initiated by a Miami County Sheriff through the city on County Road 25A.  Miami County deputy aired that they were in pursuit of a vehicle southbound on Interstate 75 at the 73 mile marker and heading towards Tipp City limits.  Officers were further advised the attempted traffic stop was for a lane violation. Tipp officer responded to southbound mile marker 68 to set up spike strips that the Miami County’s Officer In Charge (OIC) had requested.  The suspect vehicle exited at the 69 exit ramp and continued southbound on County Road 25A.  Officers responded to the intersection of South County Rd 25A and West State Route 571 in attempt to set up the strips again.  This was aborted since the pursuit was too close to attempt.  Two Tipp officers continued in the pursuit with MC deputies.  They were advised the speed was approximately 90 miles per hour and no traffic was visible.  Once officers passed the city limits one officer was instructed to discontinue pursuit and return to the city and resume normal patrol.  Dispatch informed pursuing officers that an Ohio State Highway Trooper was at Dixie (Co Rd 25A) and Northwoods Blvd with spike strips ready.  They were then also notified that Vandalia Police would be at Dixie and Imperial Court, also with spike strips.  As the officers were passing in this area, the Miami County Sheriff IOC informed the others he was seeing parts of the suspect vehicle’s tire coming off and he believed one of the two strips had been successful.  As the Tipp officer passed National Road, he was attempting to devise an exit strategy from the pursuit since the suspect was obviously continuing.  When the Tipp officer didn’t see a Vandalia cruiser engaging in the pursuit, he didn’t want to abandon the pursuit and leave the MC deputy alone with a possible dangerous subject.  Continuing, Tipp’s officer requested an ETA of other deputies.  As this request was made, the Tipp officer struck a spike strip that had been deployed by a Vandalia officer on South Dixie near West Alkaline Springs Road.  Dispatch had not advised there was going to be a third set of strips set out.  Tipp’s officer immediately pulled to the side of the road and informed dispatch that he was out of the pursuit and had struck the strips.  Soon after that another Miami County Deputy advised that he had also struck the strips.  The suspect vehicle eventually came to a stop with the driver fleeing the scene on foot.  A passenger stayed with the vehicle and was questioned. Bryan McCloud, 34, of Dayton, is the alleged driver.

11:18 a.m. – Theft reported at Voss Honda, 155 S. Garber Drive.  An unknown person(s) broke out the rear passenger window and stole the car stereo.  The Pioneer Stereo is valued at approximately $600 and the cost to repair the window approximately $250. 

5:24 p.m. – Assist other agency with a warrant in the 100 block of W. Broadway.  A bails bondsman requested assistance in locating Candace Hicks who had an active warrant out of Miami County.  Upon checking this address contact was made with Hicks and the warrant was confirmed.  She was taken into custody and transported to the TCPD.  Hicks was transferred into another officer’s custody and transported her to the Miami County Jail where she was incarcerated. 

Wednesday, December 28

11:16 p.m. – Theft in progress reported at Menards, 75 Weller Drive.  Caller stated a male in blue jeans, blue shirt and a tan hat pushed a cart full of stolen items out of the store.  When the caller attempted to confront him, he ditched the cart and ran south towards Main Street.  Upon arrival at Menards the caller gave an update that the man was near Co Rd 25A.  The man was found hiding under pine tree in an area behind English Vet Clinic.  The man was taken into custody and identified as Hugh Evans.  Evans stated he had a pre-existing heart condition and EMS determined he needed to be transported to an area hospital.  It was determined that Evans needed to be handcuffed to the cot once it was discovered he had a warrant but out of the pickup area.  A remark associated with the warrant noted he was an escape risk.  Because the amount stolen ($875.81) wasn’t a felony account, Evans was released with a summons for theft and to appear in court Jan 10, 2017.  Evans stated he is homeless and bounces around often, listing his address as “at large”.  All property was recovered at the parking lot of Menards and returned. 

Thursday, December 29

00:25 a.m. – Theft reported in the 100 block of Maynard Drive.  A male had previously reported that Stacey Shoop had stolen car keys and several credit cards.  The male updated the officer that Shoop had returned with his keys and asked to be driven somewhere in Dayton.  Knowing that Shoop had a drug problem, he refused.  Shoop pushed him over and left with his car keys still in her possession.  After composing himself, he saw that she had also stolen his car.  The male wanted to press charges for theft and assault.  The car was entered into LEADS as stolen and a BOLO was sent out for the vehicle.  Troy Police went to Shoop’s residence and located both her and the vehicle.  She was taken into custody and incarcerated at the Miami County Jail.  Shoop was charged with theft an assault.