Bethel Township

Thursday, Nov 10

7:07 p.m. – Assist squad at the A and R Reck MHP, 4200 US Route 40. Deputy was dispatched for a male that was found unconscious. Prior to deputy’s arrival Bethel EMS had already cleared the scene and was enroute to an area ER. Deputy spoke with a female located at the residence. She had found the male unconscious in the bathroom and called 911. CPR was administered until the EMS could arrive. Squad administered six (6) rounds of NARCAN with the male finally responding. The female stated she was unaware the male was a heroin user. Deputy contacted the male at the ER facility and he admitted to using heroin. The male stated he didn’t know how many capsules he had used but it was a lot.

Friday, Nov 11

12:34 p.m. Fraud reported in the 9000 block of S. State Route 202. Victim had hired two men to do repair work on her home. She had given them a down payment and the check was cashed without completing the services. She reported the men were at a friend’s house attempting to do the same thing. Deputy confronted both males and the discussed the situation with them. One of the males was able to call a friend who brought over the money they owed for services not completed. Deputy stood by while the money and receipts were exchanged.

Sunday, Nov 13

4:12 p.m. – Disturbance reported at the A and R Reck MHP, 4220 US Route 40. Female stated that she had been in an argument with a male earlier that day and he broke the TV. She asked him to leave the residence but he refused. The female stated the male pushed her and she hit him back. The male then tried to leave but she stood in front of the door and eventually allowing him to leave. She called 911 because she thought he had a kitchen knife on his person. Deputies search the surrounding area but he was not located. The female was able to contact the male on a cell phone and the male was advised he needed to return to the scene. After he returned, it was confirmed the male did not have a weapon on his person. The female decided to leave for the evening and both were warned for domestic violence.

7:38 p.m. Accident in the area of Ross and Wildcat Roads. A vehicle was located in the ditch along the tree line on Ross Road. The driver was not present at the scene and contact with the rightful owner was unsuccessful. The vehicle was towed and this case is pending.

Tuesday, Nov 15

12:07 p.m. – Illegal dumping in the 6500 block of S. State Route 202. Sometime overnight an unknown person(s) had dumped 14 boxes of chemicals onto the property.

Monroe Township

Saturday, Nov 5

00:59 a.m. – Traffic stop for equipment violation in the area of Winston Lane and W. Kessler Cowlesville Road. Contact was made with the driver and reason for the stop explained. Deputy noticed an open can that appeared to be a beer can on the passenger side floor board. The passenger was asked to hand over the can and asked how old he was. Admitting he was twenty years old and drinking in the moving vehicle. David R. Bowman was cited for underage possession and consumption. The driver was warned for a nonfunctioning license plate lights and released from the scene.

Thursday, Nov 10

7:16 a.m. – Theft not in progress reported in the 600 block of Kerr Road. Victim had closed all the doors to the outbuildings the night before. When victim got up that morning the barn and garage doors were found open. After looking inside the buildings, victim discovered items missing. Victim advised another deputy had been out the night before taking a separate complaint on buildings that had been broken into. Photographs were taken of the scene.

8:09 p.m. – Fraud reported in the 5500 block of Troy Frederick Road. Victim had received a text message from Chase Bank regarding a large purchase made with his debit/credit card. The amount reported was $800 from McDonald’s. Victim immediately contacted the bank and cancelled the credit card. Based on information from the transaction history, victim was able to determine that the transaction was made at a McDonald’s in Alco TN. Victim called that McDonald’s and was told a woman purchased 16 $50 gift cards. The victim was given other resources he could look into for further information regarding identity theft.

Friday, Nov 11

11:34 p.m. – Assist other agency in the area of E. Evanston and Tipp Canal Roads. Deputy was dispatched to assist Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) on a traffic stop. ODNR had stopped a vehicle for possibly shooting from a vehicle at wildlife on Sullivan Road. ODNR was in the area doing surveillance due to problems of poaching. While sitting in the area a unit advised they observed a vehicle driving in the area and heard what sounded like gun shots. A stop was initiated and advised while searching the vehicle for a firearm, marijuana was located in the glove box and an open container under the passenger seat. The driver, Logan M. Peters, admitted he was driving with a suspended license. Peters also stated the bag of marijuana was his. Passenger, Cody R. Fisher admitted the open beer can was his. While searching the vehicle, deputies found a .38 caliber found in the car along with a casing that had been fired on the floor. Deputy spoke with both Fisher and Peters and both denied owning a gun and didn’t know why those rounds were in the car. Eventually Fisher admitted a small pistol had been fired at a deer in the field. Once they realized the ODNR was following them, the gun was thrown out the window on Tipp Canal. Peters insisted that they had been throwing firecrackers out the window and they did not have a gun. Deputies searched the area and were unable to locate the firearm. Due to the location being near the bike path, K9 Bear and his handler were called to the area to also search. The pistol was located on the bike path. Questioning Peters again, he stuck to his story that they didn’t have a gun. The deputy informed Peters that a weapon had been located, he became silent. Peters finally stated they did have a gun and that they were shooting it from the car on Sullivan Rd. They got scared when ODNR got behind them and he told Fisher to get rid of it. Because Fisher had cooperated with the deputies from the beginning, he was cited with possession of hash, open container, possession of drug paraphernalia and tampering with evidence. He was released to a relative. Because Peters didn’t cooperate until the firearm was recovered, he was placed under arrest and incarcerated in the Miami County Jail on charges of improper handling of a firearm in a motor vehicle, tampering with evidence, possession of a defaced firearm, possession of marijuana and driving under suspension. It was also noted in the report that the pistol had been purchased off the street for $100 and the serial number had been scratched off.

Saturday, Nov 12

00:14 a.m. – Suspicious complaint in the area of Magnolia Dr. and W. Monroe Concord Rd. The complaint was a vehicle was parked in the middle of Magnolia Drive without running lights and it appeared to be unoccupied. Upon arrival contact was made with a female who was walking back to the car. It appeared that the female was staggering and talking on a cell phone. Female was identified as Amy Arnold who stated she parked her car there because she was looking for someone. As the deputy started walking towards Arnold, she opened her car door and attempted to get in and fell to the ground. Deputy detected a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage but she denied drinking. Deputy also noticed that the vehicle was leaning towards the passenger side and could see gouge marks on the roadway. He walked to the passenger side of the car and observed the passenger side front tire had been severely damaged and was pushed back under the car. Arnold said she had hit the curb. Arnold was asked and agreed to take a series of standardized field sobriety tests. Due to Arnold’s inability to balance, the tests were halted for her safety. She was placed into custody and a Tipp City female officer responded to assist and conduct the search of Arnold. An almost empty vodka bottle was found in the vehicle. EMS responded to check Arnold out but she refused any medical care from the hospital. Arnold was transported to the MCSO for a breath test which she refused. Arnold was placed into the Miami County Jail for suspicion of OVI, Failure to Control and Open Container.

8:42 p.m. – Traffic stop for red light violation in the area of Camp Troy Overpass, County Rd 25A. Contact was made with the driver Elijah M. Agnew and an odor of marijuana was detected. Agnew told the deputy the marijuana could be found in the center console. Searching the vehicle, a blunt, rolling papers and filters were found in the center console. Agnew was cited with red light violation, possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Sunday, Nov 13

4:21 p.m. – Disturbance reported in the 1200 block of E. Ginghamsburg Road. RP stated he was traveling east bound on Ginghamsburg Road when he came up behind a slow moving black Jeep. The RP attempted to go around the Jeep but the driver would swerve left making it impossible to pass. The RP exited his vehicle and approached the male driving the Jeep. He said the two exchanged words and the male took a swing at him, hitting him in the left shoulder. RP wanted the incident documented.

Tuesday, Nov 15

1:36 p.m. – Theft not in progress in the 3500 block of Redbud. RP reported a family member had used her debit card without her permission. RP wanted to give the family member an opportunity to pay her back from prosecuting.

Wednesday, Nov 16

8:48 a.m. – Trespassing complaint in the 10’s block of Shoop Road. RP stated and ex-employee was sitting in a truck in the driveway and was refusing to leave. Contact was made with the male who stated he was a subcontractor for the RP and had recently been terminated. He advised he was there to get money that he was owed for work he had done. RP advised he did not owe the male any more money and wanted him trespassed from his property. The male was told if he returned to the property or called the RP, he would be charged. The male was also advised to go to civil court in reference to the disagreement over money owed for services.