Ed. Note: The summer feature series continues this week as Klaudia Lowery prepares to enter her junior year at Bethel High School.

 Heading into her junior year at Bethel, Klaudia Lowery is focused on what she hopes is her best year yet, as she prepares for the upcoming volleyball season for the Bees. Lowery, who also is a key member of the Bethel girls’ basketball team, has been spending the off-season to strengthen her game, and hopes it will pay off when she takes the court this fall.

“I am currently working on being a quicker player,” Lowery said. “I need to be quicker on my feet and get to places faster. On the court that's very important for me as a middle hitter. I’m also working on my hitting and being a stronger threat.”

“To work on my game for basketball I've attended AAU in the spring, shootouts all of June, and other camps and workouts throughout the summer. For volleyball, I've gone to camps and workouts all summer. The off season is just as important to me as the regular season.” 

Lowery began her athletic career at a young age, and was driven to participate in sports by her father.

“I have also played softball and soccer but stopped so I could focus on my two favorites,” she said. “I started playing basketball in second grade and started volleyball in seventh. I would say that my dad influenced me the most to play sports because he has always wanted me to stay active and involved and be the best I can possibly be.”

“(My dad is) my biggest supporter. I am also driven by my younger sister. Now that she's in high school playing with me I want her to look up to me and I want to push each other. 

Her love for basketball continues to also grow, along with volleyball.

“My favorite sport is basketball,” she said. “I've played it for so long I've developed a love for the game. My favorite highlights would have to be from my freshman year. I was a swing player for JV and Varsity and I loved the experience of how different each team is and the competition.” 

While she has yet to receive any individual awards, she hopes to make herself known this coming season. Her first goal is to help lead her team to success.

“My team's goal this season is to have a better season than we did last year,” Lowery said. “We have such great talent we just have to use it to our advantage. I personally believe if we play hard, communicate and not get in our heads, we will have a great season. 

“Sports are my life in and out of school,” Lowery said. “I would love to play volleyball in college. I love watching college volleyball teams play. If I don't I will probably still play in a small league or play sand volleyball just because I love the game.”

Lowery plans to major in wildlife biology, and become a biology teacher.

“Science is by far my favorite subject.”