By Nancy Bowman

The Tipp City schools board of education heard updates on the proposed plans for the classrooms building on the Hyatt Street property during a Feb. 11 work session.
Gary Pfister, district director of services, talked about his discussions with the city on the upcoming site plan for the project that would bring new prekindergarten through grade five classrooms to the district. 
The project would include an addition to L.T. Ball Intermediate School and renovations at L.T. Ball.
Pfister also pointed out updates in the proposed site plan as well as relocation of the bus garage and tennis courts that would be removed to make way for the project.
He said he met recently with Matt Spring, city planner and zoning administrator, to discuss the Hyatt Street project plans.
Spring provided information on all of the city requirements the district will need to address when a site plan is available.
One of the goals, Pfister said, was to have no variances with the project. 
“I said as long as he takes the buffering standards away that we fought with the stadium, there probably should be no variances,” Pfister said.
He said the buffering standards were put in place in 2014. Since then, projects that have been proposed have sought variances in the standards requiring trees and other landscaping. 
“He told me he is going back to the planning commission in May or June, trying to get this removed,” Pfister said. “They all thought it sounded good (in 2014) … I am comfortable that is going to go away.” 
Pfister said the district would propose landscaping but not to the extent required in the existing buffering requirements. “We are talking hundreds and hundreds of trees,” he said of the current requirements.
Other plan discussions included parking requirements and storm water needs. The border fence on the school property will remain, Pfister said.
“I’m comfortable with where we are at with the city,” he said.
Pfister also pointed out some changes to the proposed project site plan to make it more specific. The traffic light at the north entrance is being studied as part of the traffic study now underway.
For student walkers, those heading north will go to Hyatt. The ones going south will also go to Hyatt and south. “There is no sidewalk off of that Westedge sidewalk, I think it is important we get off of that completely,” Pfister said.
The bus garage and the new tennis courts will go the high school campus when those are removed along with the Nevin Coppock building as part of the project.