Some students at Tippecanoe Middle School are putting their hearts into Valentine’s Day by making Valentine’s that will be sent to those at the Dayton VA and the Randall Residence. The voluntary project, led by Mrs. Nancy Murray, is meant to bring some holiday cheer to those who may be spending the holiday alone.

The response from the students has been very positive with hundreds of different Valentines created, in a variety of different styles. By giving of their time and artistic talents to benefit others, the students feel fulfilled. “I like that the cards will make those who receive them feel special,” said Ania Libbert.

In addition to those in Mrs. Murray’s fifth period enrichment class, students like Skylarr Fair, students also stayed after school to make the handmade Valentines. “This is the first time I’ve stayed after school for something. I usually don’t do things like this, but I wanted to help people who need cheering up around this time of year because they can’t be with family. It gives them some hope,” she said.

Others throughout the school has also gotten involved in the cause, as Mrs. Jennifer Brown made it part of the curriculum in her Health classes. All the support was very heartwarming to Murray who is always glad to give anything back to the Veterans and also to Randall Residence, which does a lot for the schools.

Most of the students who participated made about a half dozen Valentine’s themselves. “I like how so many people put so much effort into creating them,” said Allan Murray.

While the students have enjoyed making the Valentine’s the best part is yet to come. “It will feel so good knowing they will be happy to get them,” said Lauren Chaney.