The final assessments for the Phoneton waterline extension, scheduled for county commissioners’ approval this week, are less than half the initial estimate.

The commissioners were told July 19 that the assessment per parcel will be $3,155.13. That number includes $1,845.13 per parcel for construction assessment and $1,310 per parcel for the water tap fee, said Doug Evans, assistant county sanitary engineer.

The estimate for construction assessment before the project began was $8,000. The assessment on property tax bill would be over 20 years.

Evans said the tap fee was included at the request of the Bethel Township trustees.

“We also think that will also help us get customers with tap fees already in the assessment,” he said.

The commissioners were scheduled to approve the final assessments Tuesday, July 25.

The commissioners discussed assessments with Evans during their July 19 work session

The project location was in the following area: 6163 E. U.S. Route 40 west to 2988 E. U.S. Route 40; 8745 S. State Route 202 south to 9800 S. State Route 202; 9275 S. Wildcat Road south to 9605 S. Wildcat Road; and Shroyer and Dinsmore drives.

Also during that session, the commission was told that a water leak in the old portion of the Bethel School has caused an increase in the schools’ bill. Efforts were made to help isolate the location of the leak, which the district is responsible for addressing.

In other business last week, the commissioners:

- Approved an application to the Ohio Mental Health and Addiction Services for $40,000 to cover part of a Municipal Court drug court employee salary and benefits

- Approved the hiring of David Price as a maintenance technician 2 for the facilities and operations department at a pay of $17.50 per hour.

- Appointed Sam Brown to the Board of Zoning Appeals for a term that expires Jan. 1, 2020. He will fill the unexpired term of Lowell Sloan.