A local historian, Betty Eickhoff’s lineage with Tipp City goes all the way back to its founding, as she’s a distant relative to Robert Evans. Evans was the first settler and owner from 1828 to 1839 of the 140 acres of land which is currently known as Tipp City. Eickhoff recently met with several cousins (members of Bertha and Glen Pearson’s family) under the arrangements of Dr. Robert Price. All five of the Pearson children (Doris, Bob, Bernard, Marilyn, and Susan) were reared in Tipp City.

They all enjoyed lunch at Harrison’s Restaurant, followed by a trip to Maple Hill Cemetery and two other area cemeteries to view the gravesites of three generations of their common ancestors who were born between 1749 and 1845. Betty’s paternal grandmother, Sarah Arletta Evans Barnhart, and Bertha’s mother, Laura Evans Oakes, were sisters and daughters of Robert Milton Evans, Esquire (born 1845), the son of Robert Evans (born 1789).

Attending the gathering were Chuck and Nancy Tamplin, children of Doris Pearson Tamplin and Parke Tamplin; Bob and Kay Pearson’s children, Carol Pearson Moore and Karen Pearson Tate, Karen’s daughter, Kelley Tate Layel, and Kelley’s daughters Kaitlyn and Kensley Layel; Dr. Robert Price, husband of Marilyn Pearson Price, their daughter Kathy Price Johnson and husband Bob Johnson; and Susan Pearson Kinsey.

Discussion of how attendees were related determined Betty Eickhoff and Susan Kinsey are second cousins (their grandmothers were sisters); and Betty Eickhoff and Susan Kinsey are second cousins, three times removed. All enjoyed seeing everyone and meeting Betty. Chuck Tamplin came from Texas, and Susan Kinsey came from Florida; all others live in Ohio.