While active at Practice CrossFit, Carson Weaver works towards her goal of being strong in mind, body, and spirit. Her already existent power in those areas earned herself a spot in the CrossFit Games to be held in Madison, WI on August 3-6. Weaver, of Tipp City, ranked 16th in her 16-17 year old age division out of more than 2,000 participants from across the entire world.

For Weaver to be a part of the CrossFit Games is extremely rewarding and is the result of some highly dedicated training. “It’s unreal. I’ve worked really hard for it the last few years and to finally make it feels amazing. It’s hard to believe,” she said.

At the age of 13 Weaver, now 17, began attending Practice CrossFit, in Troy, with Maggie Mason (a family friend), and she instantly got hooked. She goes five days a week, often up to three or four hours at a time, and works-out under the direction of her coach, Josh Bunch. For the annual CrossFit games, the selected competitors must first finish in the Top 200 in their age category from their submitted scores. Their scores are put in the computer at the gym, and put with scores from every Practice CrossFit in the world. The Top 200 is then narrowed down to a Top 20 for each division. Those is the Top 20 is who goes to the Games.

Her selection was a total surprise to Weaver, as in order to keep focused on her sole objective, she didn’t watch the standings. “I never looked at the leaderboard until it was over and my Coach called me over to show me that I made it. I even gave up social media while I was training so I couldn’t see the posts from others about their scores. I didn’t want worries about how someone else was doing to get in the way,” she said.

At Practice CrossFit, Weaver works on every part of her body through a series of rigorous exercises, and is pleased with the results. For her the benefits are much more than just physical. “I believe that I can at least compete in any sport and what I’ve accomplished makes me feel good. I also feel like because of my mindset from CrossFit I work harder in other things and don’t give up easily,” she said.

It’s not just her muscles that Weaver wants to strengthen, but most importantly her mind and spirit. The same attitude is shared by the women she works-out with at the gym, who provide her with much support. “Our goal is not to have skinny bodies, but to be strong and independent women with a strong belief in ourselves,” said Weaver.

Through her daily life and in the classroom, Weaver displays her mental strength while her physical prowess is evident when lifting weights. Her high with the snatch lift is 165 pounds and 205 pounds with the jerk lift. At a CrossFit Liftoff, Weaver finished in the top three of her weight class and got to attend a camp in Columbus last week, where she was trained by Pyrros Dimas, a three time Olympic gold weightlifting champion from Greece.

At just 17, Weaver also recently became a certified CrossFit trainer, which allows her to be a coach. She credits her coach, Josh Bunch for all of her success. “I wouldn’t have been able to do anything without him. He is so great and a big inspiration. He’s like the closest person in my life, since we spend so much time together,” she said.

To help with the coverage of the costs for the trip to Wisconsin, Board & Brush is holding a fundraiser on July 21 at 6 p.m. Those who register for a workshop that night at Board & Brush will receive 20% off and are being asked to donate the savings towards the cause. For more information and to register go to the Practice CrossFit website, gopractice.biz/

For Board & Brush and everyone who has shown their support, including those who have already made monetary donations, Weaver is extremely grateful. “I thank everyone for their support in making this dream possible. I really appreciate it,” she said.