The Tipp City Area Arts Council held the Annual Art Show and Fine Art Exhibit on Saturday, February 11th.  The event was kicked off with opening words by Bill House, President.  Various fine art vendors along with local authors set up beautiful displays to sell their work at the Show.  The Exhibit hosts both an advanced category and amateur category, both of which was added to the event last year.

Juror Guustie Alvarado brought her experience of living her life around the Dutch Masters in the Netherlands to judge the competition.  She has recently made her home in Tipp City and continues to create beautiful glass artwork and jewelry.  Alvarado held each piece to a high standard and responded to artwork with a strong narrative.

Several awards were presented to culminate the day. The Ellen Cotterman Choice Award (Arts Council Fund in Memory of Ellen Cotterman) was selected and presented by the Cotterman/Blake/Evans family.  The Jeryl Laux Choice Award was presented by Rusty Harden.  Following is a list of award categories and winners for 2017. 

Advanced Category -

Best of Show 

“Boy and Horse” – Joletta Breland

 Ellen Cotterman Award             

“Scarlet Reflections” – Joletta Breland


            1st        “Gone Fishing” – Sharon Glett

            2nd        “Springwoods” – Lilian Nichols

            3rd        “Joyous Melody”- Rebecca Graves

            HM      “Scarecrow Family” – Lilian Nichols


            1st        “Rainy Day” – Joletta Breland

            2nd        “Apple blossoms” – Sham Glett

            3rd        “In the Wait” – Lori Lowery

            HM      “Scarlet Reflections” – Joletta Breland

 Mixed Media

            1st        “Confetti” – Sheri Flock

            2nd        “Margarita on the Beach – Lisa Seger

            3rd        “Whole Wide World” – Missy Hines

            HM      “Gourd Color Wheel” – Judy Riesser


            1st        “Red Panda” – Marie Mack

            2nd        “We’re Having a Conversation” – Sonnie Woodworth

            3rd        “Arabica Coffee Bloom” – Missy Hines

            HM      “Winter in the Country” – Sonnie Woodworth


            1st        “Tree and Frog” – Michael Kimble

            2nd        “Her Majesty’s Chair – Terry Glass

            3rd        “ Lady Bug” – Missy Hines

            HM      “Best Friends” – Terry Glass

            HM      “And Jesus Wept” – Terry Glass

            HM      “Marcia’s Window” – Michael Kimble


            1st        “Trees” – Judy Riesser

 Drawing Media

            1st        “Nine Vessels” – Sherri Flock


            1st        “Above the Clouds – Barry Todd

            2nd        “Poppies” – Judy Riesser

            3rd        “Swan Box” – Cheryl Gustafson

            HM      “Samuri” – Barry Todd

            HM      “Animal Print” – Sheri Flock

Amateur Category -

Best of Show:            

“Storm on the Farm” - Donna Brooks

Jeryl Laux Award:              

“Harry”- Barb Wilfong


1st  -  “Canal Lock Park-Lost Opportunity” – Joe DeKoid


1st  -  “He Thinks He’s a Swan” – Carol Myer

HM  - “Serenity” – Donna Brooks

Mixed Media

1st  - “Old North Warf” – Hal Hunter


1st  -  “Chicago Harbor Light House” – Theresa Smith

2nd - “The Magical Child Within” – Twila Wilt

3rd -   “Cool Horizons” –Catherine Zernechel

HM - “My Heart” – Theresa Smith


1st        “Cooling Off”  - Theresa Smith

2nd        “Sunset Over Ligurian Sea” – Matt Buehrer

3rd        “Bible Doors” – Kristen Barry


1st        “Deacon” – Nicole Haake

2nd        “Alamo Arches” – Lona Slanker

3rd        “Lovely Lady” – Barb Wilfong

HM      “Mauritius” – Nicole Haake