Bethel Township Fire Crews, assisted by Huber Heights and Vandalia crews, rescued two men from the Miami River at the Rt. 571 bridge on Independence Day.

“Two men were canoeing, got caught in the current and one fell out,” said Lt. Mike Arnold of the Bethel Twp. Fire Department. The other man in the canoe then jumped out to assist his friend.

They were trapped on a small island.

The currents were very swift because of recent heavy rains.

Arnold said that both men had their phones with them and called 911.

“It took us 15 minutes to assemble a crew and about 20 minutes to devise a plan,” said Arnold.

A Huber Heights Firefighter who had a rope attached, swam to the island and determined that the victim was not injured.

The two then were pulled to safety.

Both canoeists were wearing life jackets.

A Huber Heights boat was launched at Ross Road in case it was needed.