Four requests were approved at the September 24, 2015 meeting of the Bethel Township Board of Zoning Appeals, (BZA). Two of the requests were approved with conductions.

Robert and Cynthia Adams requested a variance for their properties located at 2500 US 40. This request was a triple variance to increase the maximum size of an accessory structure from 2400 sq ft to 4800 sq ft, increase the number of accessory structures allowed from two to three, and increase the maximum height from 15 to 24 feet. The BZA had reservations regarding the request since the accessory structure would be double the normal size allowed and almost twice the height. However, the Adams owns the adjoining property. The board approved the request as long as the owners combined the property, which would make the property approximately 8.5 acres. The BZA felt that it was reasonable for a property of this size to have the larger structure. Jeff Green, Planning and Zoning warned the Adams that they cannot put down stacks for the structure until the properties are combined. The Adams agreed to the condition and plan to request that the two properties are combined into one larger plot.

Larry Dare at 6582 US 40 has requested a time extension to build a house at that location. However, the BZA chose to limit the extension to January 1, 2017. Dare must provide proof of occupancy from the county in addition, to all permits and paperwork for the building to the township. If the house is not completed by this time, the township will take action to revoke the permits for the property.

Kent Miller of 2300 US 40 requested a conditional use variance to allow a multi-family residence at 2300/2301 US 40. Currently, the property has a duplex on it and the conditional use was needed to satisfy the bank and insurance companies that the zoning is appropriate for its current use.

Dean Shoup of 7730 Windham Road requested a variance to increase the maximum size of an accessory structure from 1200 sq ft to 1265 sq ft; making an addition to an existing accessory structure. The BZA approved the request with little discussion since the size of the structure is only approximately 5% more than the allowable size.

The next meeting of the Bethel Township Board of Zoning Appeals is tentatively scheduled for October 22, 2015 6:30 p.m. in the township meeting room. Currently, the BZA has no cases scheduled for the meeting and will only meet if a request is made before the meeting.