The Monroe Township Trustees approved an outdoor warning siren annual maintenance inspection agreement with Federal Field Services of Wauseon, OH at the board’s meeting on February 21.  This 2017 service agreement cost remains the same as last year, $1,350.00, and it is for inspection and repair as needed of the township’s three electromechanical sirens stationed in Monroe Township. To monitor these sirens operation, the sirens are tested at 10 a.m. the second Wednesday of each month.

The board also approved membership payment to the Cooperative Purchasing Program with the State of Ohio, township bill payment equaling $18,009.76, and future advertisement for seasonal part-time township help from April 1 to September 30, 2017.  

Residents and families are being advised by the township that the 2017 Annual Spring Cleanup for Maple Hill Cemetery and all other Monroe Township cemeteries will take place the week of March 13 by township staff.  All decorations that are to be saved must be removed by March 12, and then spring items may be placed back on the gravesites beginning March 19.  Be advised that ALL artificial arrangements must be in a non-glass vase, hanging device, or a monument saddle, and need to be marked with the deceased name and contact person on the bottom of the saddle so identification can be made if the saddle is blown off the monument.  Additionally, the cemetery prohibits the placement of landscape rocks around monuments, glass containers, wire, toys, and figurines.  These are maintenance and safety issues and interfere with mowing and/or trimming, thereby will be removed.    

In reports it was noted projects are underway for rehabbing the rental space in the township building housed by the Tipp City Chamber of Commerce, and in the Country Estates East subdivision for water and sewer improvements under the direction of the Monroe Township Water and Sewer District Board.   

The next township trustees’ board meeting will be held 7 p.m. Monday, March 6 in the township meeting room, 6 E. Main St., Tipp City.