Bethel Township Zoning Commission approved a rezoning request from Gail Halderman to rezone four parcels and part of a fifth parcel located at 6476 US 40 at the Feb. 23 meeting. The parcels are located in Brandt.

Three of the parcels, .198 acres, .23 acres, and .23 acres, were previously zoned I-1 Light Industrial. The fourth parcel .23 acres was zoned R-1A Residential. The request also included splitting .826 acres from a 35.98-acre parcel and rezoning it from A-2 General Agriculture to R-1 AAA. All parcels were rezoned to R-1AAA Residential.

The rezoning request also included combining the seven parcels and then splitting the resulting parcel into three parcels of 1.899 acres, .56 acres and 35.154 acres. Although several of the parcels were zoned I-1 Light Industrial, their current use is residential.

The Zoning Commissioners approved the rezoning contingent on a variance from the Board of Zoning Appeals to allow for less road frontage than the minimum of 175 feet and less acreage than one acre specified in the Zoning Regulations for the .56-acre parcel. The properties are located in Brandt and the .56 acre does not meet the minimums for road frontage and acreage. Both the Miami County Zoning Commission and Planning and Zoning Staff recommended the rezoning.

Zoning Commission Alternate Jess Underwood noted for the record that the rezoning did not follow the guidelines suggested in the Comprehensive Land Use Plan for the Township. However, because of the nature of the request, the Land Use Plan was not followed. He said, “I recommend the rezoning as recommended; however, the case should not be used as a precedent for not following the plan for future rezoning requests.”

The commissioners unanimously recommended the rezoning. The Bethel Township Trustees will hear the case at 6:30 p.m. before their regularly scheduled March 14, 2017 meeting.

The next meeting of the Bethel Township Zoning Commission is scheduled for March 23, 2017 at 7:30 p.m. in the Township Meeting Room.