Miami County Sheriff Dave Duchak said it’s not unusual for him or his staff to be approached by county employees and others concerned about security at the Courthouse and Safety Building in Troy.

Duchak asked the county commissioners Feb. 28 to take a close look at placing security checkpoints at entrances to both buildings.

“We are seeing a more coarsened and disparate clientele coming into both buildings,” he said.

Duchak showed commissioners rough cost estimates he and former Sheriff Charles Cox drew up last year while considering an enhanced security proposal. The plan with two deputies/private security at one entrance to each building along with equipment was estimated at more than $250,000 a year.

Duchak said he would not recommend having X-ray machines. Those entering the building would have bags searched by hand and walk through a metal detector. “We know the costs are not cheap … and I know it is a hard decision for you guys to make,” he said.

He added, though, that Miami County is one of the few he knows of without security in some form at county building entrances.

He suggested the commission approve creating a small committee to explore options and make a recommendation.

Commissioner Greg Simmons asked if the sheriff had any numbers on costs to other area counties and how their security is set up. That information could be collected by the committee, Duchak said.

Commissioner John “Bud” O’Brien said the numbers provided were rudimentary, adding he would like to hear more details on a proposal.

Commission President Jack Evans said it was unfortunate the county's courts are not all located in one building. The municipal court is in the Courthouse while the Safety Building, located across a small plaza from the Courthouse, houses juvenile/probate and common pleas courts.

Evans said the numbers and information provided was “a place to start.”