The Miami County Sheriff’s Office will continue to provide up to 40 hours of protection per week under contract to the county Park District with an agreement approved by the county commissioners Feb. 16.

The park district will provide a vehicle for use by the deputy assigned to patrolling the parks and pay for fuel and vehicle maintenance. The cost will be $39.68 per hour, a 2.5 percent increase over last year to reflect the increase in deputies’ wages.

The agreement is for the 2017 calendar year.

Sheriff Dave Duchak told commissioners the contract is the same one used for several years with the only change being the higher cost due to the increase in wages.

He said the contract is working out well for both parties. The park district also uses deputies in the summer to patrol the bike path on bicycles through a separate agreement with the deputies’ association, Duchak said.

The commission also approved the wording of a plaque to reflect the Eldean Covered Bridge’s recent designation as a National Historic Landmark.

The plaque will be provided by the U.S. Department of Interior and the county will install it in a secure manner at the site.

County Engineer Paul Huelskamp said he asked Department of Interior representatives if the county would have to take any extra steps when work is done on the bridge. The only stipulation for keeping the sign is the county not make changes to the bridge that would impact its historic significance.

The commissioners also:

- Approved the purchase of six Microsoft Surface Pro 4 tablets and licenses for up to $10,775 for the sheriff’s office. Duchak said the purchase replaces tablets used in cruisers as part of the routine rotation of equipment. The tablets replaced laptops in vehicles a few years ago, he said.

- Met Feb. 14 with Corie Schweser, manager of the Troy Strawberry Festival to discuss use of county parking lots for vendors and others during the annual festival in June.

- OK’d the lease of a system for Municipal Court staff to screen offenders with a breath test and retinal scan for evidence of substance abuse at a maximum cost of $22,800 over one year.