The Miami County commissioners heard about slight changes in the county highway system miles and discussed computer security following a government computer attack in Licking County.

The commission voted Feb. 7 to approve the county highway system miles at 423.550 miles after hearing from Paul Huelskamp, county engineer.

Huelskamp said the mileage had decreased by 0.68 miles because of annexations to Tipp City and Troy, a transfer of a portion of Dayton-Brandt Road to the county for maintenance and a transfer of a portion of Gearhardt Road to the Elizabeth Twp. for maintenance.

The mileage certification is required annually. It used, among other purposes, in applying for highway funding, Huelskamp said.

In other business, the commission Feb. 8 discussed computers and security with Matt Watkins, the county’s information technology director.

Watkins briefly commented on talks he had with Licking County IT workers after that county’s computer system was attacked by a virus last week and shut down computers and the telephone system. A ransom was demanded.

Miami County’s IT department worked with security experts to solve a September 2015 ransom ware exposure of some county offices including the Communication Center administrative network. The local virus was delivered through email, and not successful hacking, Watkins said at the time.

The county was contacted because of its experience in that situation in which a $700 ransom was paid through Bitcoin.

Watkins discussed with commissioners the ongoing effort to ensure computer security.

In other business last week, the commission approved a contract through the Sanitary Engineering Department for the pick up and disposal of sharps needles. The contract with Accu-Medical Waste Services Inc. of Marietta is for a maximum $500 for the year. The needle sharps are picked up at the sanitary engineering department, Public Health, Tipp City Police Department and Piqua Police Department.

The commission also:

-    Accepted temporary construction easement agreements for the Phoneton waterline extension project from three property owners.

- OK’d the purchase of a 2017 Vac-Con Jetter-Hydrovac Truck from Best Equipment Co. of Indianapolis at a maximum cost of $336,821.

- -  Authorized the facilities department to purchase a 2017 Chevrolet one- ton dump bed 4x4 truck from Jeff Wyler Chevrolet, Springfield, for $35,075.