The Miami County Sheriff’s Office is pleased to announce the awarding of a grant from the Ohio Office of Criminal Justice Services in the amount of $12,662.10 for inmate containment systems for the marked patrol fleet.  The Sheriff’s Office had received a similar grant last year for the containment systems enabling us to outfit over half the fleet.  The awarding of the 2017 grant allows for nine additional cars being outfitted which will complete the outfitting of the entire marked fleet. The grant monies are federal dollars administered by the Office of Criminal Justice Services.  The Sheriff’s Office will fund a 10% match of the total award.  The prisoner containment systems are comprised of a hard plastic composite back seat and bars that are fitted over the side windows of the cars.  This equipment will assist in keeping deputies and inmates more safe as there have been many instances in the past in which combative inmates have kicked side windows out.  Additionally, the hard plastic composite seats are outfitted with seatbelts that allow deputies to seat belt inmates in without having to reach over them and also prevents inmates from secreting contraband or weapons as could be done with standard seats.