The Miami County commissioners will be asked to approve increases in the dog license fees for 2018 and makes some changes in fees and policies regarding cats at the county Animal Shelter.

Marcia Doncaster, shelter director, discussed proposals for change with the commission Jan. 18.

The proposal includes a one-year dog license fee increase to $16 from $14; a three-year license fee of $48 from $42 and a permanent license hike to $160 from $140. The kennel license would go to $80 from $70.

Doncaster said the request was based on the addition of a part-time animal control officer since the last increase and the added cost to print and mail license renewal notices.

The county’s fee today is below the average for area counties with the one-year fee of $22 in Clark County, $16 in Darke, $20 in Greene and Montgomery and $16 in Shelby, according to information given to the commissioners.

“We really think this is necessary to keep the same quality we are doing,” Doncaster told the commissioners. The last increase was in 2014.

Commissioner John “Bud” O’Brien noted the capital dollars for the shelter also comes from fees.

Doncaster also asked the commission to consider changes in fees and policies regarding cats. Shelters are not required to handle cats and many in the state do not, she said.

The county has not increased fees for intake of cats in more than 15 years and costs, including for euthanasia, have risen steadily, Doncaster said.

She said current policy is as follows: intake fee, $2 per cat; owner released adoptable cat, $2; and owner released cat for euthanasia, $30.

She asked to make the following changes: increase the intake fee for stray cats to $5; change the intake fee for any owner released cat to $20; continue to accept sick/injured strays at no cost; and add the right of refusal to accept cats when space is an issue.

Doncaster said that in the last five years, 5,938 cats were euthanized due to lack of space; 1,248 were adopted; and 66 others were deceased or returned to owners.

Also OK’d was an agreement with the Miami Valley Crime Laboratory for analysis of physical evidence from crime scenes. The cost for 2017 was set at not to exceed $53,524.

Also approved was the purchase of two 20-ton equipment trailers for use by the county engineer’s office to haul construction equipment to job sites of bridge and road construction/repair. The cost of each trailer was $18,159.

The commission also:

- -       Approved a contract with R.T. Industries of Troy to collect glass recycling containers from Miami County businesses as part of the county glass recycling program. The company will be paid up to $5,000 for the service.

- -       Appointed Vickie Bowman of Laura as the county apiary inspector for 2017. She will be paid up to $4,000 for the year to cover salary and mileage.

- -       Set the annual meeting on roads of county and township officials at the county garage March 30.

- -       Accepted a quote for flooring installation in the Safety Building basement kitchen and break room for $11,000.